Floral Trends for 2019

January 6, 2019


A monochromatic theme can add elegance to any arrangement. I especially love it for brides with elaborate dresses. The color palette can go many different directions depending on what type of blooms you choose to go with; it is a universal crowd pleaser.




While it may be nontraditional, unkempt, mixed blooms that look like you just plucked them from a roadside field are a major statement that I am fully behind. It adds a touch of whimsy and a casual elegance to any neutral color palette. What a stunning addition to summer whites!




A simple and cost saving tip is to let greenery be the main focus of your bridal bouquet. It is a perfect trend for outdoor weddings and nature loving brides. Over-sized mixed greens can stand out all by themselves, or be a stunning backdrop for more traditional florals. Loose and over-sized flowing bouquets are some of my favorite to photograph.  I know they will be going strong into 2019’s wedding season.





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