A Dress that Steals the Show

January 14, 2020
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While everyone has their own personal bridal style, there are some easy things to keep in mind to ensure that you choose a dress that pops in photos and keeps you feeling like “you” on your wedding day.


  1. Make It Move

Choosing a dress with movement, a flowy chiffon, organza or tulle skirt can take your bridal portraits to another level.  Since our photography style leans towards whimsical silhouettes, a dress or skirt set with a flowy lower half lends itself to romantic poses.


2. The Fit

Fit is so important! You will probably want to move a little during your wedding day right? So if you are planning on fun and adventurous photos, you will want make sure to select a dress that isn’t too tight in the arms, fitted all the way down and lets you breathe when you sit! Keep in mind that the more restrictive your dress fits, the fewer posing options we have to work with.


3. Focal Detail

It is my personal opinion, that unless you are an everyday “bling queen”, a simple dress with one stand out detail is the solid choice. A ruffle shoulder, bardot sleeve, layers of tulle, stunning appliques, and detailed bead work are all wonderful, but maybe shouldn’t all be on the same dress. It’s best to choose one or two features that define your bridal style and let you be the star of the show. While we love the gorgeous gowns, we also want the bride inside to be the focal point!


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