Who is boudoir for?
The bride, new mom, fabulously 50, weight loss, celebrating a milestone, body acceptance or just for fun!

The goal of a boudoir session is to learn to love yourself more, no matter your confidence level. The shoot can be gifted to a partner, but the experience is about Self-Love!

Do you have to be in the best shape of your life for a shoot? Hell No! We love working with all bodies! The stretch marks, scars and freckles are what make us all a one of a kind beauty.
Do you need to get Naked?
We value the individual comfort level of our gals, so you can be as modest or as revealing as you are comfortable with. We are aiming to show off “you” and whatever modesty level that entails.

Do you have to be “feeling yourself” to schedule a shoot?
Hell No! Some of my favorite clients have been women who were not in the most confident head-space, the whole point of this experience is to help you see yourself as the stunner that we all see you as! Even if you walk in the studio shy and reserved, we want you walking out with a Rianha confidence level.